At World of Rare Books we currently have over 120,000 titles in stock and we are the largest supplier of wholesale vintage books for decoration in Europe, offering one of the largest selections of pre-ISBN books in the market. We process over 25 tonnes of books a week, allowing us to provide the widest selection of quality stock to our customers.


Nothing looks more striking than a display of vintage books. Our stock from a bygone era ranges from leather bound books from the 18th century to aged paperbacks from the 1950 and 60s. Recently we have supplied books to restaurants, pubs, hotels, corporate events, artists, museums and stately homes.


From vintage Penguin paperbacks and leather bound books, to decorative cloth books and vintage children’s books, we can meet the requirements of the book collector, interior designer and the wholesale buyer, or anyone looking to make a decorative display using books.


So whether you’re looking to fill a shelf, for a pallet of books or a bespoke package, with worldwide delivery available, we have it covered.


We also have a large range of second hand vinyl, from 12” LPs to EPs and 7” singles, available.


If you need any further details on any wholesale range, you can visit us at worldofrarebooks.com or contact me directly at wholesale@worldofrarebooks.com

*Prices shown exclude P&P and may vary depending on quantity, please enquire for a more detailed quote.