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World of Rare Books sells rare used books and specialises in older, more collectable titles than its parent websites, World of Books and World of Books Australia.

On this website you are able to search our inventory of rare used books and buy titles using all of the main credit cards and Paypal.

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Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts: Literature 1990: 49 (Astronomy & Astrophysics Abstracts), Bohme, S.
Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts: Literature 1990: 49 (Astronomy & Astrophysics Abstracts)
Bohme, S.
54.99 GBP
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The Observer's Book Of Astronomy, Moore, Sir Patrick
The Observer's Book Of Astronomy
Moore, Sir Patrick
5.99 GBP
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Popular Astronomy, Camille Flammarion
Popular Astronomy
Camille Flammarion
22.99 GBP
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Astronomy Without A Telescope, E. Walter Maunder
Astronomy Without A Telescope
E. Walter Maunder
19.79 GBP
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Violent Universe an eyewitness account of the new astronomy, Calder, Nigel
Violent Universe an eyewitness account of the new astronomy
Calder, Nigel
8.81 GBP
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New in!
Fairy Tales of the South Seas, Annette Kellerman
Fairy Tales of the South Seas
Annette Kellerman
169.25 GBP
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Benson's Commentary Vol.II & III, Benson
Benson's Commentary Vol.II & III
146.91 GBP
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Shrine Of Fire, Roberts, Irene
Shrine Of Fire
Roberts, Irene
146.91 GBP
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The English Democracy: Its Promises And Perils., Arnold  White
The English Democracy: Its Promises And Perils.
Arnold White
109.94 GBP
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Among Prisoners of War in Russia & Siberia, Elsa Br
Among Prisoners of War in Russia & Siberia
Elsa Br
219.87 GBP
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Waith and Wrack: Verses, Duncan J. Robertson
Waith and Wrack: Verses
Duncan J. Robertson
40.00 GBP
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McSorley's Wonderful Saloon, Mitchell, Joseph
McSorley's Wonderful Saloon
Mitchell, Joseph
23.19 GBP
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The Love Makers, Hank Janson
The Love Makers
Hank Janson
6.00 GBP
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Sheet 2: The New Official R. A. C. Touring Map of England & Wales, Unstated
Sheet 2: The New Official R. A. C. Touring Map of England & Wales
3.00 GBP
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The Accomplices, Georges Simenon
The Accomplices
Georges Simenon
15.00 GBP
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Cassius Clay, Olsen, Jack
Cassius Clay
Olsen, Jack
4.00 GBP
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Sudden Troubleshooter, Frederick H. Christian
Sudden Troubleshooter
Frederick H. Christian
7.99 GBP
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The Girl on the Motorcycle, Andr
The Girl on the Motorcycle
6.90 GBP
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The medium is the massage, McLuhan, Marshall.
The medium is the massage
McLuhan, Marshall.
4.00 GBP
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For Bond Lovers Only., Lane, Sheldon (ed)
For Bond Lovers Only.
Lane, Sheldon (ed)
4.00 GBP
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Streetwalker, Anonymous
6.96 GBP
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Goodbye to Hounds, Christine Pullein-Thompson
Goodbye to Hounds
Christine Pullein-Thompson
3.00 GBP
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Stella Wins the School, Evelyn Simms
Stella Wins the School
Evelyn Simms
28.00 GBP
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The Brumby (Puffin books), Mary Elwyn Patchett
The Brumby (Puffin books)
Mary Elwyn Patchett
3.00 GBP
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Ten Little Niggers, Christie, Agatha
Ten Little Niggers
Christie, Agatha
3.00 GBP
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Last Train to Limbo, Various
Last Train to Limbo
3.00 GBP
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Runyon from First to Last, Damon Runyon
Runyon from First to Last
Damon Runyon
14.00 GBP
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Back Home, Peggy Gaddis
Back Home
Peggy Gaddis
3.00 GBP
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Automobile Engineering Vol. I, Various Authors
Automobile Engineering Vol. I
Various Authors
19.00 GBP
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Elephant Bill (Peacock books), Williams, J. H.
Elephant Bill (Peacock books)
Williams, J. H.
3.00 GBP
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Y Bryniau Pell, Jane Ann Jones
Y Bryniau Pell
Jane Ann Jones
12.50 GBP
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All Over the Town, R. F. Delderfield
All Over the Town
R. F. Delderfield
3.00 GBP
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The Duchess of Malfi, J. Webster
The Duchess of Malfi
J. Webster
8.00 GBP
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Sports Day at Blackberry Farm, Jane Pilgrim
Sports Day at Blackberry Farm
Jane Pilgrim
5.99 GBP
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Light for the Last Days, H. Grattan Guinness
Light for the Last Days
H. Grattan Guinness
40.00 GBP
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